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Buying Natural Stone Tiles for Fireplace

Every time you have a visitor at home, every time you have an admirer of the beauty of your natural stone fireplace.

So, if you are looking for a buyer for your home, this unique feature will be a value addition for your home.

And if it’s your motto to have a natural stone fireplace, this article will help you buy the right stone for your project.

Anything creative requires a lot of homework beforehand. In this exercise, you will need to think about the design of your entire space ( Think of something that will uplift the entire space, not just the fireplace.

You will need to focus on a number of factors and features related to your room – such as, the color of walls, the color of floor, the color of ceiling, and the color of furniture. You will need to look for inspirations, or work with your contractor to find a unique design.

If you already have a fireplace, and want to remodel it with stones, then your day is comparatively easier.

Christmas fireplace with glowing garlands

Discuss the Stone –

Technically, all the natural stones could be a good choice for this project. ( However, slate, marble, limestone, and granite are some of the most popular ones. Here, granite is most picked for designing the fireplace surround.

Finalizing the Design –

Discussion on the material and design should be done one after another ( When you select the design, you must think about the space available in your room. It should be right according to the aspect ratio. Meaning, it should not feel that it has consumed a large space in your room. Neither should it feel too small that it does not even serve its purpose.

Using decorative blends and mosaics for surround will add more charm to the beauty of your fireplace.